about me

To honor God in everything I do, that is my Lifesong.

I am a watercolor artist based in the northern-most part of Idaho, USA. My “style” is to paint subjects that push my limits of comfort and challenge me to improve as an artist. I paint just about anything that brings me joy in the process regardless of the subject. I confess that I’m not always brave to paint new subject matter, but I am passionate about finding my own unique artistic voice. For me, passion drives bravery.

I like my paintings to be representational of my understanding of and connection to the subject, and I delight in translating my own vision and interpretation onto the paper.



Storytelling is what inspires me to paint detailed pieces. I like examining all the visible areas of a scene and then focusing on the details until I start to sense that something unseen is happening and waiting to be discovered.


Landscapes should feed the desire to experience the atmosphere of the place that is represented in the painting. I know I’ve done well if a person wants not only to look at my painting but also wants to be in it.


I received my first commission request from my niece. She asked me to paint her house. I declined at first because it was a big house. Once I understood that she wanted a watercolor painting, I enthusiastically took to the task. I am cautiously selective when it comes to commission work. (Inquiries welcome!)

“Every time I see a new painting by Cathy, I want it. I have commissioned three works, and she's always exceeded my expectations.

Lisa M, California

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